Emillia-rosette Nlandu-Nzinga
PhD Student in Artificial Intelligence
Emillia-rosette Nlandu-Nzinga
PhD Student in Artificial Intelligence
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Welcome. Bienvenue. Karibu.

As a software engineer accustomed to programming and developing applications, PR or self-promotion, unfortunately, is not my key strength especially this part where I am required to write about myself which as it happens is probably the most challenging. My background is mainly in Software Development. I became passionately engaged and interested in Software Development for over five years now and recently developed an interest in Artificial Intelligence.

Currently researching on "Traffic Prediction using Big Data, GPUs and Artificial Intelligence methods". The research aims to provide an approach towards real-time road traffic to characterise speed, flow and occupancy to facilitate decision-making for London Traffic.

Here we go, you know almost everything about me. The extra bit is that I stand for diversity in tech; hence I run coding Bootcamps on a platform called Cheetah Code Academy where I mentor and teach people from the minority backgrounds to code.

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10 Countries Visited
Traffic Prediction
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